worse than imagined

Today, I visited the Virginia 9th District Congressman’s weekly column online. Knowing Morgan Griffith’s politics, the title, Griffith on abortion, spending and the EPA made me fear that the column would portend bad news for progressives. And, it did. He was pretty hazy on how he voted for continuing to fund the government and offered no specifics about how to realistically lower the national debt, just the same old ‘cut spending and don’t tax’ mantra as a formula to energize businesses. How that will help, he didn’t explain because Republicans so far have had no answers, and their budget cuts have been far fewer than would be needed to reach their own bloated goals.

He did speak on the House floor yesterday, offering an amendment. Additionally, I would challenge his statistics and inferences about the Clean Water Act.

My questions are these: When did having clean water become an issue that our congressman can brag about being against? Why is it good for the citizens of Southwest Virginia to have unhealthy amounts of lead, mercury, uranium, and arsenic as well as many other chemicals dumped into our streams? Why do large coal companies need protection against the people who live and try to survive in coal country? Surely, they have the money to clean up their messes since the government provides subsides, and they have laid off most of the miners to more efficiently and more cheaply mine through mountain-top removal.

Finally, Griffith perpetuates the myth that Health Care Reform allows federal funding for abortions. All in all, it is not so much a newsletter; rather, it’s more like a self-serving canard that might fit better on FOX.

Some may have disagreed with Rick Boucher on any number of issues as did I, but look what we are suffering with now. I am waiting for Griffith to be proactive and try to help the 9th District instead of voting against our best interests.

Curveball Confirms the Truth We Knew

For those with alternate memories about why George W. Bush went to war with Iraq, an actor from the past is back in the news to vindicate our beliefs. In the lead-up to the war, Han Blix and the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission and IAEA inspectors were telling us that they could find no evidence of such, and there was an outcry from quite a few on the left of the political spectrum that we should wait and make sure before subjecting the nation to the most harrowing and horrendous pursuit - war. That the Bushies should take the word of one unreliable source belies their proclamations in the days before the start of the war that they would go into battle as a last resort. Bush had made up his mind for selfish reasons that he wanted to be the ‘war president,’ and 9-11 gave him an excuse to do just that. Curveball gave him the counterfeit evidence to go to war with the wrong country. Can you imagine the Republican second-guessing if President Obama undertook such an unreasoned response? But, we had been attacked and felt vulnerable, and the Bushies took full advantage to stoke our fears and war monger.

After Bush’s prosecution of the war did enormous damage to Iraq including turning Iraqi neighbor against neighbor, running the middle class out of the country, and killing and maiming countless others as well as sullied the reputation of the U.S. by countenancing atrocities at Abu Ghraib, mistreating prisoners at Gitmo, and lying to his own citizens, Bush had the effrontery to expect forgiveness or at least understanding when he said that the biggest regret of his presidency was the intelligence failure that led to the war. Colin Powell said that his United Nations testimony based on Curveball’s claims is a blot on his resume... Yes, it’s true, Rumsfield, after all the protestations to the contrary has now disclosed that they lied us into a war rather than take the time to find out the truth.

That’s why I'm writing about the war again today because we should not have short memories, and we should not let the former Bush administration and Republicans rewrite history.

Political issues that affect our lives

If you look a little better around you, you will see that politics is a part of everything, the government is controlling every part of our lives and there is not that much free space for anything. Businesses and money are important parts of politics and to be able to control that is what gives politics the power it has. But it is not that gray and dark as it sounds, because people have the chance to change things if they don't like the education, health of even the security systems in their country.

A democratic society, that can be found all around the world, can shape its future and every aspect of their social life through the prism of government and politics. But sometimes the society makes mistakes and that brings to many political issues that can make the life much harder than it has to be.

Some bizarre facts about politics

Despite the beauty and possibilities of democracy, some people choose, or not, for their country to be a monarchy or another ruling system. It is often tradition and in many occasions it works just as democracy does. A monarchy means that a country is being ruled by a family or one person out of the family, that privilege is being passed to the oldest child, or son. But it can also be a partial monarchy, like the United Kingdom, where the actual word on many political questions has a democratically chosen government. But some countries have different systems or rules in different parts. As an example, the United Arab Emirates are a collection of seven Emirates, something like the USA, but different in many other ways. Some Emirates, like Abu Dhabi have a presidential political framework, where the head ruler is the President of the United Arab Emirates, others have a federal framework, where the Prime Minister is the one who rules, and some are an absolute monarchy.

To make those facts a little more simple, you should find a Dubai escort on http://www.escortdirectory.com/escorts-dubai-145/ that will help you with politics, but also show you around this beautiful piece of world. The bizarre thing about the UAE is that they sentence homosexuality with death and even have hard punishments for those who show any kind of physical love in public. Although it is against Islam, the religion that is mostly present there and that the rulers rely on when making decisions, they often torture their jailers and even starve and mistreat them.

One of the facts that show how democratic democracy is, is that in the USA there were occasions where presidential candidates took part in the elections out of a prison. But today's really bizarre political fact from the USA is Donald Trump. One of the most democratic countries in the whole world is about to elect a president that is a racist, and speaks openly about it. What a shame, but not all faults are those of the people, because media can also do something many other parts of our lives can't - make bad things look good.