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Access to the Blue would be for everyone, and the Red would be limited to ability to pay. Now we know how they are to be paid for, let us think of what will happen there. If you are outraged at the thought of the insurance company CEO making. Because you are in a Blue Center, a counselor will be available and immediately get you into an anger management class. You can trade ideas with likeminded people and the report will appear on MSNBC. You may be outraged at the limited view of education that Standards of Learning foster. Again off you go into the wild blue yonder where you explore other options for the education of America’s youngsters, even to the extent of perhaps getting the President (yes, the President of the United States) involved and ready to talk to the kids via satellite.

Personal Impressions of Egypt and Recent Uprising

Two years ago at this time, I was returning from a trip to Egypt. When I was a sixth grader and studied Egypt for the first time, I knew that I had to visit the land of an amazing ancient civilization sometime. Because Americans generally do not know (and in many cases, don’t care) about what is occurring in other parts of the world, especially distant regions, and our mainstream media usually do little to educate us unless sensational or violent events occur, potential tourists have to do research about whether and when to travel.(continues on "About the blog..."")